List of Award Recipients

The Olympiad has ended as we have spent wonderful five days with the most talented young people from around the whole World! We have successfully completed the core events of the Olympiad: the experimental and theoretical examination stages, as well as moderation. We congratulate all contests for being with us! We provide the full list of the award recipients in the table below. The list is also available as XLSX and PDF files.

Team First Name Last Name Total Points Award Special Award
Slovakia Jonáš Dujava 36.6 Gold Medal Best Overall
Estonia Richard Luhtaru 35.1 Gold Medal Best in Clarity of Reasoning in Theory
Slovenia Marko Čmrlec 33.6 Gold Medal Best in Theory
Turkey Abdurrahman Hadi Ertürk 33.4 Gold Medal
Slovenia Tevž Lotrič 31.4 Gold Medal
Hungary István Csépányi 30.6 Gold Medal
Indonesia Ivander Jonathan Marella Waski 30.5 Gold Medal
Saudi Arabia Yazan Almajnouni 30.4 Gold Medal
Russia Dmitry Tsarev 28.6 Gold Medal
Singapore Han Jiatao Jerry 28.2 Gold Medal
Turkey Yunus Emre Parmaksiz 28.1 Gold Medal
Turkey Alkin Kaz 27.7 Gold Medal
Bulgaria Georgi Aleksandrov 27.0 Gold Medal
Singapore Leong Eu-Shaun 26.9 Silver Medal
Estonia Hannes Kuslap 26.7 Silver Medal
Latvia 1 Jānis Hūns 26.1 Silver Medal
Italy Luca Muscarella 25.3 Silver Medal
Romania Stefan Dolteanu 25.3 Silver Medal Best in Experiment
Brazil Ygor De Santana Moura 25.2 Silver Medal
Bulgaria Aleksandar Prodanov 24.8 Silver Medal
Russia Ivan Kharichkin 24.6 Silver Medal
Turkey Kutay Akin 23.7 Silver Medal
Turkey Bayram Alp Sahin 23.6 Silver Medal
Hungary Balázs Póta 23.3 Silver Medal
Moldova Daniel Siretanu 23.3 Silver Medal
Estonia Kaarel Kivisalu 22.4 Silver Medal
Romania Ionel Emilian Chiosa 21.7 Silver Medal
Czech Republic David Klement 21.6 Silver Medal
Bulgaria Aleksandar Krastev 21.5 Silver Medal
Indonesia Nixon Widjaja 21.4 Silver Medal
Singapore Timothy Ho Li Xiong 21.4 Silver Medal
Estonia Konstantin Dukatš 21.1 Silver Medal
Latvia 1 Vilhelms Cinis 21.1 Silver Medal
Slovakia Ronald Doboš 21.1 Silver Medal
Georgia Aleksandre Merabishvili 20.9 Silver Medal
Romania Theodor Iosif 20.8 Silver Medal
Vietnam Hoang Do Huy 20.7 Silver Medal
Indonesia Yuwanza Ramadhan 20.6 Silver Medal
Poland Tomasz Twardoch 20.6 Silver Medal
Czech Republic Jaroslav Herman 20.4 Silver Medal
Slovenia Andraž Jelinčič 20.4 Silver Medal
Brazil Gabriel Capelo Domingues 20.2 Bronze Medal
Slovakia Róbert Jurco 20.2 Bronze Medal
Hungary Bulcsú Fajszi 20.1 Bronze Medal
Bulgaria Ivo Petrov 20.0 Bronze Medal
Brazil Luâ De Souza Santos 19.8 Bronze Medal
Singapore Jovan Liau Yi Jun 19.7 Bronze Medal
Sweden Markus Swift 19.5 Bronze Medal
Poland Michal Uminski 19.4 Bronze Medal
Russia Tatiana Emelianova 19.4 Bronze Medal
Brazil Miguel Vieira Pereira 19.3 Bronze Medal
Indonesia Gusti Putu Surya Govinda 18.8 Bronze Medal
Poland Antoni Puch 18.7 Bronze Medal
Italy Pietro Benotto 18.4 Bronze Medal
Romania Mihai Vasile 18.3 Bronze Medal
Sweden Oliver Lindström 17.3 Bronze Medal
Hungary Péter Elek 16.9 Bronze Medal
Malaysia Jia Qing Tan 16.7 Bronze Medal
Germany Tobias Messer 16.5 Bronze Medal
Slovenia Vladimir Smrkolj 15.8 Bronze Medal
Croatia Bernard Faulend 15.7 Bronze Medal
Slovakia Emil Lelák 15.6 Bronze Medal
Russia Aleksandr Golovastenko 15.4 Bronze Medal
Vietnam Binh Nguyen Van 15.3 Bronze Medal
Latvia 2 Ričards Kristers Knipšis 15.2 Bronze Medal
Poland Oliwier Urbanski 15.2 Bronze Medal
Sweden Gustaf Forsberg 15.1 Bronze Medal
Indonesia Daffa Fathani Adila 14.8 Bronze Medal
Bosnia and Herzegovina Fahrudin Delić 14.7 Bronze Medal
Georgia Luka Kirtadze 14.7 Bronze Medal
Italy Mattia Arundine 14.7 Bronze Medal
Germany Franz Loose 14.5 Bronze Medal
Vietnam Khanh Ngoc Tran 14.5 Bronze Medal
Czech Republic Jonáš Havelka 14.3 Bronze Medal
Croatia Grgur Premec 14.2 Bronze Medal Best in Clarity of Reasoning in Experiment
Saudi Arabia Hisham Almalki 14.2 Bronze Medal
Bulgaria Vladimira Irincheva 14.1 Bronze Medal
Bosnia and Herzegovina Muhamed Sokolović 14.0 Bronze Medal
Moldova Danil Efimov 13.9 Bronze Medal
Italy Nikolas Plattner 13.7 Bronze Medal
Bosnia and Herzegovina Nola Šegalo 13.5 Bronze Medal
Latvia 1 Rolands Lopatko 12.9 Honorable Mention
Croatia Davor Dobrota 12.9 Honorable Mention
Romania Sabina Dragoi 12.7 Honorable Mention
Belgium Julien Ars 12.6 Honorable Mention
Italy Francesco Debortoli 12.6 Honorable Mention
Estonia Urmas Luhaäär 12.5 Honorable Mention
Vietnam Thinh Duy Ngo 12.5 Honorable Mention
Belgium Gauthier Gallez 12.4 Honorable Mention
Switzerland Ramón Buchenberger 12.4 Honorable Mention
France Victor Lequin 12.3 Honorable Mention
Switzerland Yanjun Zhou 12.1 Honorable Mention
Croatia Nikola Jurkovic 12.1 Honorable Mention
Switzerland Noah Roux 12.0 Honorable Mention
Brazil Marcelo Melo De Oliveira 11.5 Honorable Mention
Hungary Bence Fitos 11.3 Honorable Mention
Malaysia Lee Zong Yu 11.3 Honorable Mention
Slovenia Simon Bukovšek 11.1 Honorable Mention
Sweden Gustaf Sundmark 10.8 Honorable Mention
Singapore Nithesh Sanjeevi Saravanan 10.7 Honorable Mention
Armenia Spartak Aghababyan 10.4 Honorable Mention
Armenia Alexander Asriyan 10.2 Honorable Mention
Slovakia Michal Lelák 10.1 Honorable Mention
Luxembourg Alexandre Fouquet 10.0 Honorable Mention
Latvia 2 Agnis Salmiņš 10.0 Honorable Mention Best of Riga Technical University
Russia Sergey Savelyev 10.0 Honorable Mention
Latvia 2 Jānis Pudāns 9.8 Honorable Mention
Germany Thomas Kornalik 9.6 Honorable Mention
Malaysia Wei Kit Tan 9.6 Honorable Mention