Third Circular and Translation Instructions

We are only a few weeks away from the beginning of our event. Here you will find the third and final circular of EuPhO’19. This circular will give you all the essential information about our provided hospitality and services during your stay in Riga. The detailed event programme is provided at the end of the document and also made available on our website. This circular also instructs team leaders and observers on how problem text translation will be organized during EuPhO’19. The same instructions are given below.
The official language of EuPhO is English; if needed, the team leader translates the problems into the native language of his/her team members, and acts as a translator during moderations. Problem text translation will take place early morning before the examination. EuPhO organizers will not be providing laptops for team leaders and observers to perform the translations. We kindly ask to bring your own laptop with a functioning Wi-Fi connectivity.

The translations will take place on Overleaf: a cloud-based LaTeX typesetting platform. The final PDF files will be submitted through an online form. The procedure during the translations will be the following:

  • Accessing file for translation. During the translation you will be provided with a link to the problem text package in a form of a ZIP file. (Example ZIP)
  • Translating in Overleaf. Sign up and log in to your Overleaf Select New Project and upload the ZIP file provided to you. Translate the text and download a PDF after recompiling the document with XeLaTeX (change the compiler under Menu → Settings → Compiler).
  • Preparing several problem PDFs. Make sure to include the full student badge number in the space provided. This means you need to download up to 5 separate PDF files – one for each of your students with their unique badge number. Printout with student names and respective badge numbers will be available in the room where translation will take place.
  • Submitting translated problems. You will also be provided with a link to a form for submitting the translated files. You should upload all PDF files at once through the form. You will also be asked to enter the three-letter code of your country (will match the beginning of your badge number). (Example Form)

We strongly encourage all team leaders and observers to use the provided examples above and to test the procedure before the EuPhO begins. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.